Ducks in a Row is here for those who want to know more about money, and pay some extra attention to their financial future.

We created this resource because there's so much about money and personal finances that we're expected to just "figure out."

We weren't taught it at school, and there's not enough easy-to-understand information out there for New Zealanders. Often the information we can find doesn't offer a "next step". It mostly just tells you what you should do, without telling you how.

So here we are. We hope you find it useful.

- The team at Ducks in a Row. 



The things most New Zealanders don't have sorted


Your Will

More than 50% of Kiwis die without leaving a Will. This means when you die, the court will freeze everything you own, including your bank account, for a minimum of six months.


Everyone needs a current Will. If yours is out of date - eg you haven't updated since you've gotten married or bought a house - or you don't have one, we'll get it sorted.


Your KiwiSaver

Many of us have Kiwisaver. Great. But most people don't know who their KiwiSaver provider is, what fund they're in, or where their nest egg is being invested.


How do you want your money to be invested? Conservatively? Balanced? High-risk high-reward? Or split your money between two funds? We'll help you sort your KiwiSaver for free


Your Insurance

Nope, we aren't talking about car or contents insurance. This is the insurance most people don't know about, but is oh-so-important.


It revolves around you and your most important asset - Your ability to earn money in the future. 

We'll find you the right insurance cover for your needs, at the best price. 

Can we lend a hand?

If you've read this far, getting your ducks in a row might seem a bit daunting.

But, we have a number of experienced financial advisers that will get everything sorted. The best part, their help is free. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

We hand-pick your adviser based on your specific needs.

We hand-pick your adviser based on your specific needs.

They'll make recommendations based on your needs & budget - and help set it up for you. 

They'll make recommendations based on your needs & budget - and help set it up for you. 

What is a Financial Adviser?


One point of contact, who knows their stuff

They're independent, registered and work with lots of lawyers, accountants, KiwiSaver providers and insurance companies to find the best deals for you.

Your adviser is like your own personal 'fixer'. If something changes in your life (like new kids, new job, or a new house) they'll help you modify your Will, insurance, and KiwiSaver. And, if you ever need to claim on your insurance policy, they'll deal with the insurance companies directly, giving you the best chance of a successful payout.

Who are our Advisers? And why use them?


Our team is pretty much the ducks nuts when it comes to Financial Advisers. We've hand-picked them based on their experience, honesty and success in the industry.

Not only will they get your ducks in a row, but our advisers will:

  • Liaise with a lawyer to help create your Will. 
  • Help you create a unique KiwiSaver strategy tailored to fit your situation.
  • Help you get the right insurance cover, at the best price. 

Their help is free. This is because they get paid by the companies they use - ie, the KiwiSaver or insurance provider they suggest. But, this doesn't affect their independence. They get paid a commission regardless of whom they recommend and our advisers  will never recommend you spend money when it's not in your best interest. As we said, they're good sorts - not to mention the law prevents them from putting their own interests ahead of yours.